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Godox & Sekonic Technology Collaboration
2020/10/16/09:00 by Godox
Today Godox Photo Equipment Co.Ltd and Sekonic Corporation are delighted to announce our collaboration to bring a new transmitter radio module RT-GX.
Godox Honoured at TIPA World Awards 2021
2021/05/22/12:00 by Godox
We are pleased to announced that our product Godox WITSTRO AD100Pro is the winner of TIPA World Awards 2021 in the Best Portable Flash Category
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Compact Directional Shotgun Microphone VD-Mic
2021/01/26/18:00 by Godox
Godox VD-Mic is a lightweight and super compact directional shotgun microphone, offering improved sound quality to your recording...
Silent LED Video Light UL60
2021/01/26/18:00 by Godox
UL60 is a daylight-balanced 60W LED light source in a portable size, offering you more options to achieve your full potential in every creation...
Godox AD400pro: Creative Portrait Shooting in Xinjiang

Photographer: Gao Xiaodong
Agency: Song Center of Art
Equipment: Godox AD400Pro,Octagon softbox
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