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G1 Firmware Upgrade
No. Model Version Release Date Remark Download
1 Godox G1 V0.1 2016/06/29 Godox G1 Firmware Upgrade Software
2 V860C V2.2 2015/05/11 V860 for Canon Camera
3 V860N V2.3 2016/06/14 V860 for Nikon Camera
4 V860IIC V1.5 2017/06/28 V860II for Canon Camera
5 V860IIN V1.5 2017/06/28 V860II for Nikon Camera
6 V860IIS V1.5 2017/06/28 V860II for Sony Camera
7 TT685C V3.2 2017/06/28 TT685 for Canon Camera
8 TT685N V3.0 2017/06/28 TT685 for Nikon Camera
9 TT685S V2.0 2017/06/28 TT685 for Sony Camera
10 X1T-C V20 2017/06/28 X1 Transmitter for Canon
11 X1R-C V17 2016/08/29 X1 Receiver for Canon
12 X1T-N V20 2017/06/22 X1 Transmitter for Nikon
13 X1R-N V18 2017/06/22 X1 Receiver for Nikon
14 X1T-S V14 2016/06/08 X1 Transmitter for Sony
15 AD360II-C V2.7 2017/06/28 AD360II for Canon
16 AD360II-N V2.6 2017/06/28 AD360II for Nikon
17 AD600/AD600B V2.4 2017/06/24 AD600/AD600B TTL
18 AD600M/AD600BM V1.7 2017/06/24 AD600M/AD600BM Manual
Remarks: Please install"Godox G1" before upgrading the firmware
G1 Software Install Procedure

G2 Firmware Upgrade
No. Model Version Release Date Remark Download
1 Godox G2 V0.1 2017/06/12 Godox G2 Firmware Upgrade Software
2 AD200 V2.0 2017/06/12 AD200 Pocket Flash
Remarks: Please install"Godox G2" before upgrading the firmware
  Products Manual  
  • Pocket Flash AD200  
  • WITSTRO TTL Powerful & Portable Flash AD600  
  • WITSTRO TTL Powerful & Portable Flash AD600M  
  • WITSTRO TTL Powerful & Portable Flash AD600B  
  • WITSTRO TTL Powerful & Portable Flash AD600BM  
  • WITSTRO TTL Powerful & Portable Flash AD360IIC  
  • WITSTRO TTL Powerful & Portable Flash AD360IIN  
  • Thinklite TTL Mini Camera Flash TT350F  
  • Thinklite TTL Mini Camera Flash TT350S  
  • Thinklite TTL Mini Camera Flash TT350N  
  • Thinklite TTL Mini Camera Flash TT350C  
  • Thinklite TTL Mini Camera Flash TT350o  
  • Thinklite TTL Camera Flash TT685F  
  • Thinklite TTL Camera Flash TT685O  
  • Thinklite TTL Camera Flash TT685S  
  • Thinklite TTL Camera Flash TT685C  
  • Thinklite TTL Camera Flash TT685N  
  • XT32C/N Wireless Power-Control Flash Trigger  
  • X1TF TTL Wireless Flash Trigger  
  • X1TO TTL Wireless Flash Trigger  
  • X1TS TTL Wireless Flash Trigger  
  • X1C TTL Wireless Flash Trigger  
  • X1N TTL Wireless Flash Trigger  
  • Wireless Power-Control Flash Trigger XT16/XT16S  
  • Powerful Ring Flash AR400  
  • WITSTRO Powerful & Portable Flash AD360  
  • WITSTRO Powerful & Portable Flash AD180  
  • VING TTL Li-ion Camera Flash for Canon V860IIS  
  • VING TTL Li-ion Camera Flash for Canon V860IIC  
  • VING TTL Li-ion Camera Flash for Nikon V860IIN  
  • E-TTL Li-ion Camera Flash for Canon V860C  
  • I-TTL Li-ion Camera Flash for Nikon V860N  
  • Li-ion Camera Flash V850II  
  • Li-ion Camera Flash V850  
  • Thinklite Camera Flash TT600  
  • Thinklite Camera Flash TT600S  
  • Thinklite TTL Camera Flash TT680C  
  • Thinklite TTL Camera Flash TT680N  
  • Thinklite Camera Flash TT660II  
  • Thinklite Camera Flash TT520II  
  • Quicker II Series Flash  
  • Quicker I Series Flash  
  • Studio Flash QT400IIM/QT600IIM Series  
  • Studio Flash QT1200IIM Series  
  • Studio Flash SKII Series  
  • Studio Flash QSII Series  
  • Studio Flash QE Series  
  • Studio Flash QHII Series  
  • Studio Flash SE Series  
  • Studio Flash D Series  
  • GEMINI GT Series Flash  
  • GEMINI GS Series Flash  
  • Professional Studio Flash DPII  
  • Professional Studio Flash DP  
  • Studio Strobe DE  
  • SK Series Flash  
  • E Series Flash  
  • Smart Series  
  • Mini Pioneer Series  
  • LED Video Light LEDP120C  
  • LED Video Light LEDP260C  
  • LED Video Light LED36  
  • LED Video Light LED64  
  • LED Video Light LED126 LED170  
  • LED Video Light LED170II  
  • LED Video Light LED308  
  • LED Video Light LED308II  
  • LED Video Light LED500  
  • LED Video Light LED500L LED500LR  
  • LED Video Light LED1000  
  • LED Video Light SLB60  
  • LED Video Light SL60  
  • LED Video Light SL100 SL150 SL200  
  • LED Video Light SL100  
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