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  News About Godox
Come here to get the latest news on Godox company, Godox new products as well as Godox technichal developement.
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2014/2/8/11:00 by Godox
Exciting news at the start of Chinese traditional Horse Year! series has a new member, ...
GODOX Exhibits on PMA 2012
2012/1/1/12:00 by Godox
MA (Photo Marketing Association Annual Convention and Trade Show) is a great opportunity to check . ...
Pioneering Li-ion Camera Flash
2013/10/14/16:00 by Godox
Godox will launch a new flash, VING series model V850, the world first ever Li-ion powered camera flash. ...
GODOX to Attend China Wedding Expo 2012
2012/1/11/12:00 by Godox
The 21st China Wedding Expo will take place on February 15-18, 2012 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. ....
Godox to Attend photokina 2012
2012/9/14/17:00 by Godox
The world’s leading imaging fair, photokina 2012 takes place on September 18 to 23 in Cologne, Germany. ...
Shanghai Fair Concluded with Perfect Ending
2011/7/12/12:00 by Godox
Godox well exposed its own brand image on the 13th China Shanghai Interphoto & Digital Imaging Exhibition....
HD video:The latest power inverter: LP-750
2011/8/5/12:00 by Godox
The ideal solution for outdoor AC power supply and indoor emergency supply ...
Smart Studio Strobe, update coming
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox
Godox is going to have the Smart Studio Strobe and Smart Studio Kit come into the market....
Godox to Exhibit Shanghai, Booth No. 2C23
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox
Godox, one of the leading providers of photo equipments, will exhibit its ...
Godox Gained Huge Success in Photofurm 2011
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox
The 17th China-Shanghai International
Wedding Photographic Equipment...
Godox Presence at PHOTOWORLD-DUBAI
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox
Godox showed its latest products all the innovations at the PHOTOWORLD exhibition in Dubai....
Godox Attended PMA 2010 Exhibition
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox
PMA, Photo Marketing Association Annual Convention and Trade Show, is an annual grand event in photography...
Godox at SONIMAGFOTO 2011
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox
Godox Photo Equipment Co., Ltd., a comprehensive photography enterprise integrated...
Godox New Arrival: SPEEDLITE TT520/TT560
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox
SPEEDLITE TT520/TT560, another new product of Godox own brand, now finally comes into market...
Godox Launches New Product: LEADPOWER LP-750
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox
Godox has unveiled its long-anticipated portable power inverter LEADPOWER LP-750. ...
GODOX PROPAC PB820 matches the speedlite a ideal power pack.
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox
With GODOX PB820 power pack, it takes only one second to charge Canon 580EX2, ...
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