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Godox Launches New Product: LEADPOWER LP-750
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox

Godox finally unveils its long-anticipated portable power inverter LEADPOWER LP-750.

GODOX LEADPOWER Inverter is designed in accordance with the industrial standard. Featured by excellent performance, powerful function, reliable stability and portable design, it becomes the ideal solution of outdoor AC power supply and indoor emergency supply. It is equipped with the professional optimization and dual modes including flash & non-flash mode and can be applied widely.

Adopting built-in battery structure, the inverter is supplied with high-quality NI-MH battery, which features convenient replacement. Besides, the standard charger is capable of charging the battery inside or outside the body. The external interface of anode and cathode can be connected with an external storage battery to supply the energy longer.

Powerful as a mini generator, LEADPOWER LP-750 can drive up 3000ws equipment with recycle time of 2s. Also, it is constructed for flash of 600ws to flash 380 times in full power, and for electrical devices with max.750W power consumption. It drives a 100 W halogen lamp for up to 60 minutes. (Source: Godox Photo Equipment Co., Ltd)

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