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Professional, durable and versatile, GODOX PROPAC PB820 matches the speedlite a ideal power pack
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox

With GODOX PB820 power pack, it takes only one second to charge Canon 580EX2, Nikon SB900 and Sony F58AM flashes at the maximum power, and 250-320 times of flashes in full brightness is supported, which greatly improve your shooting efficiency and reduce working time. In the meantime, the product offers versatile compatibility, so that you can charge flashes and other products of different brands simply by replacing the plug-in connector cable.

Adopting the CPU control circuit and the thermo-resistant nylon housing, GODOX PB820 power pack integrates software protection and hardware protection, and provides super performance in the aspect of safety and reliability.

We will keep developing new products every year to keep up to date with the market. We pride ourselves to meet our customers needs. If one of our standard products doesnt fit your requirements, we can custom-design a product for you. (Source: Godox Photo Equipment Co., Ltd)

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