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Smart Studio Strobe, update coming
2011/5/25/22:45 by Godox

Godox is going to have the Smart Studio Strobe and Smart Studio Kit come into the market. The model is 250SDi, 300SDi and the kit H250SDi-D, H300SDi-D.

Smart Studio Strobe is equipped with buzz function and under its anti-preflash model, it can control the cameras equipped with one fire anti-preflash system to fire synchronously on the second flash. The modeling lamp from full power to 1/8 can work the same as those of large studio flashes.

The new strobe will include the following features:
*Durable Aluminum Housing
*High Power in Compact Size
*Equipped with Buzz Function
*One Fire Anti-Preflash System
*LED Precise Power Display
*Multiple Auto-self Protections
(Source: Godox Photo Equipment Co., Ltd)

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