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Godox Smartphone A1 Flash Product Conference Held Successfully!
2017/08/17/12:00 by Godox

GODOX PHOTO EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. held a great Smartphone A1 Flash Product Conference in Shen Zhen on 12th, Auguest, 2017. A great number of smart phone photography users are eagerly awaiting for the GODOX smart phone A1 flash all the time, which unveiled the mystery finally.

GODOX’s General Manager Eugene Zeng has introduced the details about Godox A1 functions, technical data and relative accessories.

Godox Smart Phone A1 Flash Product Conference

1.Enable Smartphone shooting to have its own professional flash.

2.Enable Smartphone to synchronize the professional flashes with Godox X system.

3.Enable Smartphone to adjust the parameters of Godox photo equipments e.g. flashes and LED lights.

The flash interface includes the output power, channel, group, modeling lamp, multi-flash, and beeper etc..
The LED interface includes the channel, group, brightness and flash color temperature etc..

4.As a camera hot shoe trigger(With A1’s specialized accessories)

Godox A1 Flash Technical Data

Godox A1 Flash Accessories

Please enjoy the site pictures for the conference

Lucky Draw Section (A1 Flash Present)

Training Courses Section

Experiencing A1 Flash Shooting

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