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All you need to know about accessories of AD200Pro/AD200
2019/07/24/10:50 by Godox

Godox AD200Pro/AD200 has a variety of accessories. These light, portable and flexible tools can be freely combined to meet various demands in outdoor photography, and generate creative lighting effects.

Generally speaking, flash accessories can be divided into the following categories, i.e. reflectors, softboxes, umbrellas, honeycombs, color gels, and other accessories.Uses for the accessories generally fall predominately into three categories, i.e. to concentrate, scatter, or bounce the light.

Below, we’ll review some of the essential and innovative accessories for the AD200Pro/AD200.

Accessories of AD200Pro/AD200 include S-type Bracket, Modifiers Kit for Fresnel Flash Head, AK-R1 kit for Round Flash Head, BD-07 kit for Bare Bulb Flash Head, and other accessories.

S-type Bracket

Godox S-type Bracket differs from any L-type, T-type or other types of flash brackets on the market,  standing out with its leading patented technology. The optimized S-type Bracket combines the functions of other types of brackets. The well-designed S-type bracket is compact and easy to use, without pre-assembly & post-disassembly. Various types of Bowen-mount accessories can be installed quickly for Speedlites or AD200Pro, achieving more lighting effects.

Modifers Kit for Fresnel Flash Head

Modifers Kit for Fresnel Flash Head of AD200Pro/AD200 includes Beauty Dish Kit(AD-S3),Multifunctional softbox(AD-S7), Snoot with Grid(AD-S9), Color Gels Pack& Reflector Grid(AD-S11), Wide Angle Diffuser(AD-S17).

▼ Practical Use: 
① AD-S3 Beauty Dish Kit

A beauty dish can create a circular catch light and bring out more detail of the models.
It provides a concentrated light source where the center is the brightest and the light gently falls off at the edges. When used together with a honeycomb, the beauty dish can create additional softness. Photographers usually set up the beauty dish as the attached modifer for a key light or fill light, providing a variety of different moods and results, especially for fashion and portrait shooting.

②AD-S7  Multifunctional Softbox
The Godox AD-S7 Multifunctional Softbox employs the umbrella-shaped design, comes with translucent cloth, grid covered over the front, and can be used as a softbox with grid, a portable reflector, and honeycomb. The multifunctional softbox makes the light source appear bigger and softer in relation to the subject. 
The most common softbox is the softbox with a grid which allows light shining through the grid to create tight light beam. AD-S7 Multifunctional Softbox looks like a honeycomb and gives the photographer a little more control over the light with a narrower focus on the subject and less spillage on the background, making it a good fit for professional advertising and portrait shooting.

③ AD-S9 Snoot with Grid
A snoot is often used to direct the light, narrow the light coverage and sharpen the light’s fall-off. AD-S9 accessory is a snoot fitted with a honeycomb grid to further direct the light beam. 

④ AD-S11 Color Gels Pack& Reflector Grid
The AD-S11 kit has 4 Gels ( Red, Yellow,Blue, Green) to produce background light or rim light in different colors; The included honeycomb can be attached at the front of the reflector to direct the light and highlight the subject.

⑤ AD-S17 Wide Angle Diffuser
The AD-S17 Wide-angle Diffuser expands the beam spread to a 180-degree beam angle, delivering more even light, making it a good choice for lighting in a narrow space.

The image is created with AD200Pro+AD-S17

AK-R1 kit for Round Flash Head

One of the most popular accessories kits of AD200Pro/AD200 is the magnetic and handy AK-R1 kit for Round Flash Head H200R (H200R sold separately). It is comprised of Dome Diffuser, Diffuser Plate, Four-wing reflector, Bounce Card, Honeycomb, Color Gels, Snoot, and a carrying bag. 

▼ Practical Use: 
① Dome Diffuser & ② Diffuser Plate 

This semicircular dome diffuser and the diffuser plate can help expand the beam spread of the flash, diffuses the light into a pleasing soft so as to decrease the contrast of the image.

③ Four-wing Bardoor
The magnetic four-wing bardoor can be attached on the round head easily and also help shape and direct the light.

④ Bounce Card
When the ambient light is insufficient, such as the light in a cloudy day or in a room, photographers often use the bounce card to bounce the flash so as to create a directional light source. It will help mimic more natural or soft light to illuminate the subject.

⑤ Honeycomb
The honeycomb allows photographers to have a better control of the light direction and also accentuate a certain feature of the shooting subject.

⑥ Color Gels
The accessory kit contains five color gels to change the color of the light to match the key light source or create color contrast between the two light sources. The orange gel can spark a feeling of warmth while the bule gel can spark the feeling of calmness as well as mystery.

⑦ Snoot
By using the snoot, photographers can narrow the light coverage to highlight the a certain feature of shooting subject.

BD-07 Kit for Bare Bulb Flash Head
BD-07 Kit for Bare Bulb Flash Head is made up of a bardoor, a honeycomb and color gels. The included bardoor can be used to shape and direct light, honeycomb to soften light ,and color gels to change the color of the light.

The image is created with AD200 and BD-07 kit

The image is created with AD200Pro and BD-07 kit

Other Accessories
Other accessories of AD200Pro/AD200 mainly consist of EC200 Extension Flash Head, AD-B2 Dual Power Flash Bracket, and MT-01 Mini Tripod.

▼ Practical Use:
① EC200 Extension Flash Head

  By putting the EC200 on top of the Godox X1 or X2 trigger located on camera , users can get an extremely powerful flash for on-camera use. 

② AD-B2 Dual Power Flash Bracket
The AD-B2 Dual Power Flash Bracket for AD200Pro/AD200 allows users to install Two Godox AD200Pro/AD200 to create a 400ws head with brilliant LED modelling.The bracket has a Bowens front accessory mount.

③ MT-01 Mini Tripod
The portable folding Mini Tripod has strong steadility , making photographers easy to set up the light location.

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