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Lighting techniques in Photography
2021/05/11/17:30 by Godox

LED TL60 Godox
Recently Godox sent me a pair of LEDs to test its features. It’s Godox's latest addition to its range of continuous lights, TL60.

Like other tube lights already available in the market, the Godox TL60 has RGB color control. The RGB feature gives access to a lots of creative effects.

The challenge of my testing is to see how I can utilize this pair to achieve my lighting expectation. I decided to use colors since the color variety of this light is amazing. It has 39 special effects and many of the which are great for videography. It also has various colors of Rosco and Lee for photography.

I decided to build a set that looks like the corner of a room with silver panels. Hence, the specular surfaces of the silver panels will reflect the light emitted by two LEDs. I always like the combination of cyan and magenta, so I decided to put one on each side of the model's face.

Styling and makeup are both very important for this testing. The makeup and clothes should be shine. In this way, the lights enhance its effects around the model's body. Finally, the model had to have a light skin tone to be able to further increase the incidence of light on her face.

The brightness and colors of TL60 could be changed on its small screen as well as other ways, like remotely control with a DMX controller, or an app. Its DMX control feature is quite interesting since DMX allows lights from multiple brands work together with a single controller.

In its specifications, we see this light consumes 18 watts and has a power of 1500 lux at 100% brightness, with a CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 98. This means TL60 might not be the most suitable as a key light, as which is not very bright, but should be perfect as fill light.However, at 400 ISO, at a speed of 1/60 seconds, I was able to hold the camera without a tripod, achieving results that meet my expectations.

I decided to open the panel a bit more and take some pictures of the “plano americano”. Since it was a set designed to reflect lights, it had to place more points of light with colors. As I did not have any more LED lights, I used the modeling lights of four flashes.

Set to daylight white balance mode, the 3200ºK color temperature light from the modeling light of the flashes gives a yellowish hue. Then it would mix with the magenta and cyan gel from tube lights, generating other powerful colors.The mixture of cyan and yellow shows a strong green tone, and the tones of yellow and magenta show a very warm orange red.

TL60 LEDs produce a very pleasant quality of light with certain contrast, shining linear reflections on the skin. Instead, I wanted the lights on the silver panels to be like patches of color not so clean-cut. To get this, I did not point the circular flash directly to the background, but placed two very large diffusion panels on both sides of the camera. When the light passes through, the reflection is no longer clean-cut, but becomes a larger, faded spot of color.

Finally I did some full-body shots. I can do this with more LED, but since I don't have them, I used 5 studio flash this time ,4 of which used color gels, and the fifth is used as backlight to light the hair. As the flash passes through two large diffusers x2 meters, which increased the lighting surface also softened the light. In this way, the colors are also desaturated, achieving a “more pastel” result.

Godox TL60 have been surprisingly effective and I amlooking forward to working more with more of them!

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