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  GEMINI GS Flash Kit
Model: GS200-D/GS300-D/GS400-D
  Gemini GS flash is a low-output flash, compact in size and strongly compatible with accessories often already available in the studio. Its performance in recycling and flash duration is still satisfactory as a non-IGBT flash. It is a desirable lighting source for professional photographers to realize creative lighting effects in various subjects of photography.

Main Features:

* 0.3-1.2s (max) recycling time // 1/2000s (max.) flash duration
* Wireless power control and flash triggering system (optional)
* 30 steps from 5.0 to 8.0 in 0.1 increments
* High-quality 150W modeling lamp
* Anti-preflash function & automatic power discharge
* Auto memory and recovery of adjusted parameters

  Model: GS200-D/GS300-D/GS400-D

Each flash kit includes:
3-GS Flash Head
3-Light Stand 304
1-Softbox SB-BW (70x100cm)
1-Umbrella UB-004 (33"black&white)
1-Barndoor Kit BD-04
1-Wireless Radio Trigger DM-16
1-Carrying Bag CB-06
1-Sync Line (5m)
1-Standard Reflector

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