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  GEMINI GT Flash Kit
Model: GT200-B/GT300-B/GT400-B
  Gemini GT flash exactly suits for photographers who need low-output but high-performance lighting source. Very fast recycling and short flash duration allow for unlimited captures of facial expressions and actions in fast succession and clear freezing of all instantaneous beauty. Strongly compatible with various accessories, this compact and lightweight flash works perfect in different photography subjects, such as, wedding, portrait, fashion, and advertisement, especially, children shooting.

Main Features:

* Compact and Bowens-style mount
   Lightweight and adds almost any studio flash accessory
* Extremely fast recycle time
   0.05-1.2s, up to 10 continuous flashes per second
* Ultra short flash duration
   1/5000-1/800s, vividly snaps moving objects and details actions
* High color stability
   5600±100K between flashes over the entire power range
* Wide-range and precise power adjusting
   Power adjusts from 1/1 to 1/64 in 50 steps (5.0-10.0)
* Wireless power control and flash triggering system(optional)
   Special trigger wirelessly controls flash power, modeling lamp, buzzer, and fires flashes


  Model: GT200-B/GT300-B/GT400-B

Each flash kit includes:
3-GT Flash Head
3-Light Stand 304
2-Softbox SB-BW (70x100cm)
1-Umbrella UB-004 (33"black&white)
1-Wireless Radio Trigger DM-16
1-Carrying Bag CB-06
1-Sync Line (5m)
1-Standard Reflector

Click to see GT flash details.
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