2-Channel Audio Interface
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For content creators, a professional audio interface is an ideal choice to make your audio system more comprehensive. Featuring the built-in mic preamp and DSP, this 24bit/192kHz audio interface always ensures sound with high fidelity and rich detail. From live streaming to podcasting to music recording, the AI2C is ready to become your reliable audio pal!

Connect with the World

Today, live streaming has become an important way for many creators to be heard and connect with fans. The AI2C supports both computers and smartphones for live, always delivering your voice clearly and naturally wherever you are. Just plug it into your PC and invite audience into your world.

Enrich your Channel

Featuring an XLR & 6.35mm combo input and selectable 48V phantom power, the AI2C is compatible with most XLR microphones and instruments. In addition, it supports another 3.5mm microphone connected at the same time. Call your best partner to join your channel together! 

DSP That Ensures Quality Work

Utilizing the built-in DSP, the AI2C always maintains your sound at its optimal state to deliver professional quality work.

For both Beginners and Pros

No matter beginners or pros you are, the AI2C will fit perfectly into your audio system. For beginners, the custom driver is simple to use and easy to get started. For pros, it supports ASIO to function seamlessly with your favorite DAWs, opening up more professional possibilities for post-processing. What's more, the 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution converters always ensure your recordings with impressive clarity.

Keep it Stable and Smooth

The USB 2.0 high-speed data transmission ensures a stable and smooth experience in live streaming without any lag, always making you sound the best.

Protective Cover

The custom silicone cover provides protection for the AI2C in case of accidental drops, and also safeguards it during transportation.

Teamwork with XMic10L

Turning on the 48V phantom power, you can connect the Godox XLR microphone XMic10L with the AI2C. Working as a team, they are ready to turn your location into a small studio.


Tech Specs
Microphone Input
Total harmonic distortion plus noise<0.0061% (-90dB) 
Dynamic range101dB (A weighting) 
Signal to noise ratio-94dB (A weighting) 
Frequency response22Hz to 22kHz (+/-0.1dB)
Adjustable gain range+34dB
Crosstalk-87dB @1kHz
Input impedanceMic in 1.8K Ohms, typical
Total gain range+50dB

Line output 1/2 (unbalanced)
Rated output levelUnbalanced: +4dBV, typical
Load impedance600 Ohm minimum
Dynamic range105dB (A weighting) 
Total harmonic distortion plus noise<0.003% (-90 dB)
Large output level+11dBV, typical 
Signal-to-noise ratio-100dB (A weighting)
Frequency response22Hz to 22kHz (+/-0.1dB) 
Input impedance150 Ohm

Headphone output 
Frequency response22Hz to 22kHz (+/-0.1dB)
Load impedance32 to 600 Ohms
Signal to noise ratio-90dB (A weighting) 
Total harmonic distortion plus noise<0.03% (-70dB) 
Input impedance75 Ohm

Product Firmware
Product Manual
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