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Godox Light App

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It’s Never Been so Simple

Godox has been committed to providing professional lighting solutions, enabling more people to enjoy the fun of light shaping. To this end, a useful lighting control tool is definitely an integral part. Now, Godox Light App, the wireless control system for Godox LED lights, has been upgraded to an optimal version 3.0, aiming to provide users with maximum convenience and efficiency at hand. Let inspiration flow more freely.

Quick Connect

Based on mesh Bluetooth transmission, Godox Light allows for fast and stable connection of Godox LED lights. When managing complex projects or multi-light setups, you will find it so helpful to use the dedicated App to easily control the lights without having to touch or move them, freeing you from one-by-one onboard settings. A more efficient workflow is right at your fingertips. 

Simpler, Smarter, Smoother

With the user-friendly principle in mind, Godox Light 3.0 has significantly optimized the UI logic, devoted to providing a smoother and more pleasant experience for users. The intuitive design and well-organized menu get you started in no time.

By Individual or by Group

The group function makes it easier to manage multiple fixtures in complex setups. By grouping the lights, you can achieve synchronous control over basic parameters or even lighting effects within one group, which especially helps when you use lots of lights for creative expression.

Multiple Adjustment Methods

Godox Light 3.0 provides users with more adjustment methods. In addition to the basic adjustment of CCT parameters, it provides a variety of professional options for color adjustment, including HSI, RGB, X/Y and GEL to be freely chosen catering to your habits. And with the awesome tool Color Picker, you can pick color from anything, anytime, anywhere.

Easy for FX Effects

Many of Godox LED lights are equipped with built-in FX effects to simulate cinematic scenarios. The App makes it much easier to handle multiple setting options, and even provides more precise control over some unique pixel effects than onboard.

Collect Every Sparkle

Godox Light offers Favorites to save every desired lighting setting. Whenever you need it, you can quickly restore the whole setting without having to start over again and again, which saves you a lot of time for fast-paced work.

Share with Team

Supporting data import and export, Godox Light enables a seamless workflow within a team. Share and scan the QR code to freely share projects between different mobile devices.

Details also Matter

Godox Light 3.0 has made efforts to improve user experience in subtle details. With Quick Switch, you can turn lights on or off individually, by group, or by the whole project with just one click. Thanks to Find Light, it helps you quickly locate any light in whatever complex setups. And more considerate designs for a smooth experience.

Download Now

Godox Light supports both iOS and Android systems. You can download it from Apple App Store, Google Play and other Android markets.

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