Compact Shotgun Microphone

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Level Up Your Audio Game

Elevate your recordings with the IVM-S2. A complete solution that guarantees excellent audio, versatile functionality, and reliable longevity. Compact and budget-friendly, it’s perfect for vlogging, live streaming, interviews, run-and-gun filmmaking and more.

Hi-Fi Sound Quality

Immerse yourself in pure sound with IVM-S2. Its highly directional cardioid polar pattern focuses on your voice and helps minimize ambient noise and reverberation, ensuring your desired sound and pristine audio quality. 

21-Day Ultra Duration

Fear of bad audio quality or signal interruption? IMV-S2 supports your creative potential. Simply inserting one 1.5V AA battery into it, you will get an impressive 21 DAY continuous usage. Separate power source for enhanced signal processing and minimal interference, giving you a powerful sound experience.

Explore More Possibilities

With a range of versatile features, the IVM-S2 provides you with more creative possibilities to explore.

67g, Light, Lighter

At just 77.5mm long and 67g, the IVM-S2 is effortlessly portable without compromising on sound quality. Capture your inspiration anywhere, anytime, and let your imagination soar.

Low-Cut Filter

With a 75Hz/150Hz low-cut filter, you can effortlessly eliminate unwanted low-frequency hums or noise like air conditioners and traffic, or simply select the flat setting to preserve the original sound you like.

3-Level Gain Control

Boasting 3-level gain control, the IVM-S2 ensures a +10dB signal boost for clear, vibrant recordings, a flat setting for pure natural sound, and a -10dB option for your distortion-free sound. Start fine-tuning your audio at ease.

Dual Support For Your Creation

The included high-density foam cover and the resilient shockmount help attenuate wind noise and prevent unwanted vibrations and rumbles, offering you clearer sound even in bad weather. 

Compatible, Wherever You Go

Through the included 3.5mm TRS and TRRS cables, the IVM-S2 can work with multiple devices such as camcorders, and other smart devices, making it a perfect recording companion for enriching your content creation.

Tech Specs
Frequency Range20Hz-18KHz
Low Cut Frequency75Hz/150Hz
High Boost Level-10dB/0dB/+10dB
Signal to Noise Ratio>75dB
Power SupplyOne AA Battery
Audio Output Port3.5mm
Working Environment Temperature-10℃~+45℃
Net Weight with Bracket67g

Product Firmware
Product Manual
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