Studio Flashes

DSII Series Flash

DSII Series is a small and lightweight strobe.With Bowens-style mount,it can add almost any studio flash accessories on the flash head.Using an optional remote control FT-16,you can wirelessly adjust the power level,turn the modeling lamp and buzzer sound on or off,and trigger the flash.Suitable for e-commerce product photography,headshots and lifestyle photography.In large studio shooting,it can function as high light,background light or hair light.

Main Features:
1.Short flash duration and fash recycle time
2.Wireless power adjusting and flash triggering(optional)
3.Compact&lightweight body with Bowens mount
4.Equipped with M/S1/S2 flash mode
5.Adjusts from 5.0 to 8.0 in 0.1 increments(1/32-1/1)
6.Steplessly adjustable 150W modeling lamp

Product Firmware
Product Manual