Godox Responsibility Statement

Thank you for visiting our website. In the use of this station, please read the following terms of use.

1, definition

1.1 "Godox" : refers to shenzhen the sacred cow photographic equipment Co., LTD.
1.2 "the sacred cow products: refers to the bull god by the sacred cow or associated enterprise production and sales of marked" GODOX "trademark logo of quality products.
130 "this website" : it is to point to by the sacred cow operation management, express or reference and require the user to comply with the terms of use website.
140 "website content" : this web site contains refers to any data, diagrams, pictures, design, description, documentation, audio and video animation works, links, etc.
1.5 "user" : refers to browse the sacred cow nets business friends.
2. Users in the use of this web site process, must comply with the following principles:
2.1 comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
2.2 to comply with the terms of use and all relevant agreements, regulations and procedures, also must follow with Internet related procedures and practices;
2.3 May make use of this web site for illegal activities, including secession, instigates another crime, infringe computer security system, interference or chaos network services detrimental to harm national security or public interests of the society behavior;
2.4 shall not use this web site on the Internet any may adversely affect the normal operation of the behavior;
2.5 May infringe upon god ox or the sacred cow associated enterprises or any other third party patent rights, copyright, rademark and other intellectual property rights, reputation or any other legitimate rights and interests, or engaging in damage to bull god interest or bull god adversely affect behavior.
In the sacred cow or relevant 3.3 holder, under the precondition of prior consent in follow god ox or related obligee instructions, on the basis of the content of the website users can be copied or distribute, but users must ensure that copy and distribute is complete and true, including but not limited to all relevant electronic document, copyright and trademark declaration, etc, also include these terms of use itself.

4, external links

Web site may contain links with other web sites. Please note: this some external links provide convenience for users only, do not represent the sacred cow operation or participating in management this some web sites, also do not represent the user is granted access or use the some web sites, users should the permission in their liabilities (including, but not limited to abide by this some website use terms) and cost, access to the some web sites sacred cow wrong this some website content and behavior. For the user through this web site or external links and third-party happen any legal behavior, by users and the third party shall bear all the responsibility, the sacred cow does not undertake any responsibility.

5, the limitation of liability

5.1 bull god cannot guarantee to offer our customer service is continuous, real-time and accurate, cannot guarantee defect must be timely correcting, also cannot guarantee to provide the services or server from viruses or hackers and other harmful ingredients invasion. Service and website content provided in accordance with the present situation, the sacred cow not to make any form of relevant services or website content the accuracy, completeness, satisfactory quality, non-infringement or fit for a special purpose of assurance.

5.2 bull god in this website will try to provide accurate information. Within this website the product pictures involved with objects may have fine distinction schematic diagram and the demonstration effect, for reference only (pictures for synthetic figure, simulation demonstrating chart), about the sacred cow product appearance (including but not limited to color) please in kind prevail. Somewhere, this website contains information (including but not limited to the product specification, functional specification, etc.) may not complete, please take related product instructions specific information shall prevail. Product prices, specifications, models, supply conditions such as are subject to change without prior notice.

5.4 bull god reserves involved website content change at any time, the god of the design, specification cow products, craft, material rights, without prior notice users.

5.5 somewhere, website contain information (including but not limited to the product specification, functional specification, etc.) may not complete, please take related product instructions specific information shall prevail.

5.6 user hereby acknowledge and accept: the use of the website for the users suffered by any direct or indirect loss, including but not limited to due to web site or service of delay, inaccurate, errors and omissions from any damage, responsibility, request, loss or expense bull god, god cows and associated enterprise does not undertake any responsibility.


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