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GODOX Photography Accessories Introduction 1
2019/10/14/14:50 by Godox

Light is one of the key elements of photography, and photography accessories are no exception. If you’re just kicking off your photography trip, it’s certainly good to learn how to work with light and get the look you want. Here are some features and application methods of Godox’s commonly used flash accessories.

1 Standard Reflector

Is commonly matched with the studio flash. It offers a hard light effect. And its reflection can also improve the light effect. Standard Reflectors can be combined with various accessories: honeycombs, barndoors, color gels, photo umbrellas and so on.

2 Softbox

Offers very soft light and is the most commonly used light effect accessory in portrait photography. There are generally rectangle (60*90 cm), square (60*60 cm), strip (35*160 cm) and octagon (95 cm) and so on. Rectangular and octagonal softboxes are often used as key light at the front. In particular, the octagonal softbox forms an approximately circular catch light in the reflection of the eyes while the strip softbox is more commonly used as rim light in portrait photography.

The translucent umbrella allows light to pass through it, while the photo umbrella reflects and diffuses light. Hence the soft light effect of the photo umbrella is relatively better.

4 Beauty Dish
Is often used with main lights in portrait and fashion photography. It offers a soft but contrasting light effect. Usually there are two versions: white and silver in inner side , and two sizes: 42cm and 55cm. The larger the size of the beauty dish, the larger the area of the projected light, and also the stronger the effect of softening the shadow.

5 Parabolic Softbox
Adopting deep parabolic box design, it enables the light to be sent out straightly, and the brightness to be decreased progressively from central to periphery, thus offering extremely even, soft, and high saturation light effects for shooting. It is suitable for studio and outdoor portrait photography. Godox has four models with two sizes: P90L (lightweight version), P90H (high temperature resistant version), P120L (lightweight version), and P120H (high temperature resistant version).

▼The comparison of light path of parabolic softbox and normal softbox

6 Barndoor
Is often used in portrait and products photography. Light changes in size as the barndoors change. When used with a honeycomb, the light will be more directional and concentrated, which bring dramatic effects. It can also be used with equipped color gels (red, yellow, blue and green) to create different color effects, such as light, rim light, background light, etc.


7 Reflectors
Are light effect accessories for emitting light. It is commonly in white, silver, golden, and black. It can be used in outdoor natural light environments. In the studio, white, silver and golden reflectors are generally used to control the shadow of the subject by reflecting the light.

Black reflector is to absorb the surrounding reflected light and deepen the shadow of the subject.

8 Snoot
It is usually equipped with a honeycomb at the front. It is a light effect accessory that makes the light range smaller. In portrait shooting, it is generally used to emphasize the subject’s hair.

In still life photography, it is generally used to highlight the details of the subject.

Its another use is to offer background light. When shooting a portrait or a still life, you can put the snoot onto the light and place them together on the back of the subject to form a halo, which enhances the visual effect of the picture.

9 Honeycomb

As the name suggests, it is a honeycomb-like accessory which is a light effect accessory to control the direction and range of light, allowing light to converge more, giving a sense of layering and three-dimension. Standard reflectors, beauty dishes, and snoots can be equipped with such accessories.

The grid is also a light effect accessory that used on a softbox to control the direction and range of light.

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