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The exhibition | Look back: Godox at the 2021 CHINA P&E in Beijing
2021/05/24/12:00 by Godox

The 23rd China International Photographic Equipment and Technology Fair (CHINA P&E) was successfully concluded on May 17 in Beijing Exhibition Center.

The exhibition brings together famous brands of the photography/video equipment industry from all over the world, attracting tens of thousands of visitors to gather together and enjoy this grand meeting of light and shadow.

Photo & Video Solution

GODOX, as the leading brand in the photographic equipment industry domestic and abroad, brought a full range of products (AD series outdoor flash, lithium-battery on-camera flash, studio flash, LED continuous lights, audio & monitors, photography accessories, etc.) to the exhibition, which attracted many visitors to stop and experience.

Product Release

1.Power Pack P2400

Power Pack P2400 is undoubtedly the highlight of the exhibition. It supports fully symmetrical and asymmetrical power distribution over two flash outlets. Incredibly short flash duration of up to 1/17800s (t0.1) and a 0.7s recycling time at full power allow you to freeze every instant dynamic movement in sharp, unexceptionable detail. Built-in with 2.4G and 433 MHz wireless trigger systems, the power pack is compatible with Godox triggers X2, XPro, X1, and FT-16. Connecting with a 3.5mm sync cord, it makes no compromise on sync speed and stability even under extreme conditions.

60W LED modeling lamp adopts advanced optical technology, simulating the actual light effect of flash more realistically. The zoom head provides more precise control and the Bowens mount is compatible with a wide variety range of light modifiers, which opens up more creative possibilities.

Power Pack P2400 attracted many fans as soon as it was released

2.RGB Tube light TL30

RGB Tube light TL30 is portable and compact for a more flexible setup and can be switched freely between RGB/CCT/HSI/FX mode. With a CRI rating of 97+ and a TLCI rating of 99+, it delivers vibrant, natural light and reproduces accurate colors. Support Godox Light APP control with built-in Bluetooth. Optional accessories help to realize more light effects.

3.Focusing LED Light S60

Focusing LED Light S60 has a power output of 60w and produces even and smooth light. With the rotary knob, you can adjust the beam angle at ease. The projection attachment and other light shaping accessories enable you to tailor the light into whatever patterns you like. 8 preset lighting FX brings in more creative thoughts. Support Godox Light APP control with the built-in Bluetooth as well as RC-A6 remote control (optional) and DMX control. Available for AC power supply and V-mount battery (optional) power supply to be used both on-location and indoors.

4.SL100D & SL100Bi

SL100D /SL100Bi provides a more lightweight and portable solution. 8/11 preset lighting FX is ideal for creative shooting. A CRI rating of 96+ and a TLCI rating of 97+ guarantee natural and reliable colors. Support Godox Light APP control with built-in Bluetooth. Free to choose between daylight version (SL100D) and bi-color version (SL100Bi) based on your needs.

5.E-sports LED Light ES45

Designed especially for e-sports streamers, ES45 is powerful with 56W output and features evenly soft illumination, lighting up your space while gentle on your eyes. Adopting 2.4GHZ technology, the detachable magnetic controller allows you to adjust the lighting freely without interrupting the streaming. Support Godox Light APP control with built-in Bluetooth.

6.Other New Products

Besides the new products mentioned above, the Godox ML60Bi (Bi-color), SZ150R, QR series quick release parabolic softbox and audio products also won admiration and support from customers.


The Godox AD300pro had the honor of winning the 13th Hualong Awards, which we want to express our sincere gratitude to the organizer and the judging panel. We will continue to provide our customers with high-quality and professional photography/video equipment as always.

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