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Godox AD400pro: Creative Portrait Shooting in Xinjiang
2021/08/04/19:30 by Godox

Photographer: Gao Xiaodong

Agency: Song Center of Art

Equipment: Godox AD400Pro,Octagon softbox

The prestigious Xinjiang has given birth to towering and rolling snow-capped mountains, attractive and vast lakes, ancient and boundless Gobi, free flying creatures, and villages with family atmosphere.

Stepping on the gravel, giving ear to the wind outside the wall, photographers accompanied by the undulating grasslands, the gurgling streams, a herd of galloping horses and all kinds of fairy-tale landscapes along the way.

Gao Xiaodong and his photography team came to the magnificent Xinjiang with using Godox AD400pro to create portraits, blending the characters into the landscape, and recording the precious moments in this land flawlessly to demonstrate the innovative and courageous aesthetic taste romantically.

Hope you enjoy this treasure of memory

Behind the scenes

The photographer only uses one AD400pro to fill up the front of the person, and adjust the lighting position according to the angle of sun rays and actual shadow conditions of the person. Octagon softbox assists to soften the light and makes it look more natural , therefore the characters could be in harmony with surroundings.

At the same time, the strong power of AD400Pro enables to make sure a certain distance between flash and character, so that photographers can avoid shadows better and have more flexbility into every creation of the shooting.

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