Godox Q&A
Q:How to check the version?  
• TT685,V860II,AD360II,long press the button Zm/C.Fn
• X1 Transmitter, long press the MODE button and turn on the power simultaneously
• X1 receiver, long press the GR button and turn on the power simultaneously
• AD600, press the MENU button
Q:How to reset defaults?  
• X1 transmitter, long press the button CH and turn on the power simultaneously.
• AD600, press the button MENU to enter customer setting, select RESET
• TT685,V860II,and AD360II, press the 2 RST button.
Q: X1 rear curtain sync issue  
• Set rear curtain mode in X1C transmitter(Long press the CH button to enter C.Fn-04, select ON),rear curtain sync can only work normally under shutter speed 30-1/30s.
• X1N rear curtain sync are controlled by camera,should refer to cameras instruction to set.
Q: Why X1 can not trigger in near distance  
Please upgrade the newly version(X1C V15,X1N V16,X1S V13), long press the TEST button and turn on the power simultaneously until STATUS blink for 2 seconds,0-30m remote control can be selected.
Q: why X1 can not trigger flash sometimes?  
• Low battery power of transmitter
• Low battery power of receiver.
• 2.4GHz signal interference(such as 2.4G wifi router, blue tooth etc)
• Make sure the flash is ready( the signal lighting is on) and is not under any abnormal status
• Upgrade the newly version for the trigger, access to www.godox.com
Q:X1 work normally, why the flash will be over-exposed sometimes?  
If work under TTL mode, please make sure you have proceeded the test flash and double check the output of the test flash
Q:why using the AF lamp in X1N transmitter, the picture is unfocused?  
The AF focusing function can be only normally used with Nikon original flashes, so by using the AF lamp in the camera to address the issue, turn off the AF focusing function in the transmitter(C.Fn-06 set 0),and then turn on the AF focusing function in the camera( Set ON for the build-in AF lamp in camera customer menu)
Q: When using X1N with Nikon flash, the mode and output can not be adjusted, while the Canon does.  
It is because the Nikon flash system are not allowed the signal from the camera hot shoe to the flash. When using X1N, can use TTL mode to calculate the other modes and outputs, so the flash must be set TTL mode. As for Canon, it allow the signal from camera hot shoe to flash, so X1C trigger can control the flash mode and outputs.
Camera flash  
Q:Why the camera flash can not auto zooming and the focal distance stay 14mm ?  
Push into the wide panel firmly.
Q: Why the flash can not zooming as the camera?  
Check the ZOOM, and see A or M displayed in the screen. A is Auto Zooming, and M is Manual Zooming.
Q:Why the camera flash do not display the flash coverage instead of showing several horizontal line, and are not zooming with the camera lens.  
The direction of the flash head have been changed, so that the flash head can not response to the flash body.
Q: why under TTL mode, several flashes take place before normal flash?  
Under TTL mode, have one test flash before normal flash, check the Anti-red eye function is on or not , since the function will make one more flash before normal flash.
Witstro flash  
Q: How to turn on the long distance lighting for the modeling lamp of AD600?  
Double-press the CH button in X1 transmitter( the channel should be the same as the flash)
Q: Why can not upgrade the firmware for AD600?  
Take off the battery and press the power switch for 2s, and then connect the computer with the flash.
Q: Why the AF assist lamp is off when using X1T-S/TT685-S?  
The on/off for the AF assist lamp is controlled by the camera hot shoe when using X1T-S/TT685S( HVL-F60M is included). In Sony camera series, only SLR cameras (such as a99, a77II) is able to send focal signal to camera flash and transmitter while The ILDC is not available with this feature.


1.The AF assist lamp in X1T/TT685S won’t be on even turn on the switch when used off-camera.
2.When used with ILDC cameras ( such as ILCE6000L,a77II), the AF assist lamp in X1T-S/TT685-S won’t be on.
3.Only used with SLR cameras (such as a99,a77II), the AF assist lamp in X1T-S/TT685-S will be on automatically.
The Reason & Solution of Not Triggering in Godox 2.4G Wireless  

1.Disturbed by the 2.4G signal in outer environment (e.g. wireless base station, 2.4G wifi router, Bluetooth, etc.)
To adjust the channel CH setting on the flash trigger (add 10+ channels) and use the channel which is not disturbed. Or turn off the other 2.4G equipment in working.
2. Please make sure that whether the flash has finished its recycle or caught up with the continuous shooting speed or not(the flash ready indicator is lighten) and the flash is not under the state of over-heat protection or other abnormal situation.
Please downgrade the flash power output. If the flash is in TTL mode, please try to change it to M mode(a preflash is needed in TTL mode).
3. Whether the distance between the flash trigger and the flash is too close or not
Please turn on the “close distance wireless mode” on the flash trigger:
X1 series: press the test button and hold on, then turning it on until the flash ready indicator blinks for 2 times.
XPro series: Set the C.Fn-DIST to 0-30m.
4. Whether the flash trigger and the receiver end equipment are in the low battery states or not
Please replace the battery(the flash trigger is recommended to use 1.5V disposable alkaline battery).
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