Q: What is the light watts of Mini Creative RGB light M1?

The M1 is 13 watts.

Q: Why you will need a Bi-color Zoomable LED Video Light SZ200Bi

The 200 Watts is good for key, fill, kicker and other lighting roles for video. It has application to still photography as well.With the Bowens mount you have a wide range of lighting modifiers available.

Q: Is the godox vl300 powerful enough to be a key light when used with gels & light modifiers?

It is enough for a keylight if it source is not too far from the subject.

Q: Can you control ML60 with the SL60 controller?

ML60 used with RC-A6 controller while SL60 used withRC-A5. SInce the controllers are different, you cannot control both lights with 1 controller.

Q: Does the fresnel FLS10 or FLS8 works with the Sl200w II and other lights?

The fresnel can work with SL200W and it's compatible with All Godox Bowens Mount LED lights.

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