Shawn Lee

United States

Shawn Lee's personal photography style is a high energy commercial and he prefers to capture bold, unexpected portraits that tell a story.

In the last 5 years Shawn has been named Director of Photography and Executive Board member for TEDxDetroit, Lead Visual Storyteller for Rebrand Cities, an initiative partnered with to put 10,000 small businesses on the grid globally. He has won $120K to invest in the next generation of creative professionals and his most recent accolade is receiving the 2022 Humanitarian of the Year Award from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Shawn's projects include running ROCK THAT, a 3 day photography conference and national tour that feature some of the hottest creative talent on the globe. ROCK THAT Nation, a dedicated community of creatives who cover and look out for each other. Also, the 'Love is Greater Than Everything' campaign that will invests great resources into racial equity for all people and empowering the next generation of creative professionals.

Shawn has worked with brands like Miller's Professional Imaging, Professional Photographers of America, Tyndell Photographic, Photobiz, Fundy, Wordpress, just to name a few. Shawn's work has been featured several times in both Professional Photographer and Rangefinder magazines including the cover of Rangefinder.

Shawn has a great desire to serve people and the greater cause of society. One of his great influencers is MLK. Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision to lead through turmoil is very inspiring to Shawn and drives his passion for people and photography.

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