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Godox at Imaging USA 2023



Imaging USA, the largest conference, expo & photo exhibition in the USA, was held from 22-24 Jan 2023 at The Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, Nashville, TN, attracting more than 10,000 fellow photographers to learn everything latest about photography in three days.

Godox Educator of Light Shawn Lee @shawnleestudios was giving vivid portrait-photography tutorials at Godox booth 625. His random model was Jim who was an attendee and volunteered to be photographed.

GODOX ImagingUSA Booth Shawn Lee-0063.jpg

GODOX ImagingUSA Booth Shawn Lee-0027.jpg

GODOX ImagingUSA Booth Shawn Lee-0019.jpg

Shawn Lee used three AD100Pro 100ws Strobes separately as a main light, a hair light, and a background light during his shooting.


Godox booth displayed a range of products, including Lux series, AD100Pro Color Edition, Scrim Flag Kit, P2400 and Parabolic.



The Godox Lux Series - Lux Junior and Lux Senior are retro camera flashes. The Godox Lux Junior is a lightweight flash with a retro design that's easy to use, and a perfect gear for street photographers and others. Its auto mode works with almost every camera. Godox Lux Senior, a pocket-sized flash in a fan shape that’s fun to use, is suitable to be used at a party or a family gathering to keep track of precious moments. And it’s USB-C rechargeable, so there’s no need to spend time finding the batteries for it. By the way, Godox just released their colorful editions, benefiting users with more options.


The AD100Pro Color Edition comes with a lithium battery, LED modeling light, and is compatible with a wide range of light-shaping accessories. 1/8000 high-speed sync and multiple flash setups can be controlled via a 32-channel wireless transmitter with a range of 100 m (328 ft). Rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers 360 full power flashes, 0.01-1.5 seconds of recycling time, and 9-step power adjustment. The user controls include manual, auto, and strobe settings, plus power output, modeling light, and first and second curtain sync.


Scrim Flag Kit 24 x 36" from Godox includes five foldable frames and five fabrics to contour and control light falling on your subject. The frames are open-ended to thwart distracting shadows. Furthermore, the kit provides 1- and 2-stop silk screens for subtle diffusion, as well as 1- and 2-stop black nets to reduce light intensity and add contrast. Godox additionally provides a solid black fabric to be used to block or "flag off" unwanted light from the shot. Ideal for tabletop work or small objects, the kit also contains a 6" diameter solid black and a black net dot, as well as a 4 x 14" solid black and black net finger. It all fits in a cleverly designed carry case that reveals the screen's color code for easy selection.


It’s the most powerful power pack Godox ever made. With an incredibly short flash duration of up to 1/17800s, it allows you to freeze every instant dynamic movement in sharp, unexceptionable detail. In stable color temperature mode, it ensures ultimate color consistency from flash to flash, satisfying your strict requirement for color accuracy and saving you time, and money in post-production. It supports fully symmetrical and asymmetrical power distribution over two flash outlets. Enjoy a simple, smooth, and efficient interactive experience thanks to the large high-definition color screen and intuitive interface. This well-designed flash head has an irreplaceable light effect. 


Godox Parabolic Light Focusing System shapes your light in a distinctive way that the exquisite 24-brace reflector works perfectly as a light re-inventor creating dimensions no other light shapers could, so you will get great light variations from just one modifier.


Thanks for you dropping by our booth at Imaging USA 2023! We sincerely invite you to meet us at WPPI 2023!

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