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All about cookies

Godox uses cookies on its websites to improve usability and user experience. By continued use of this site, you consent to Godox storing and using cookies. If you do not consent, go to your browser settings to manage cookies or discontinue using this site.

A cookie is a small file that websites store on your device to recognize you the next time you visit the site. The cookie file is passive and is thus unable to spread malicious code or viruses.

Godox uses the following cookies:

KeepLoggedOnUser: Cookie that detects if the user has selected "Remember me", used to keep the user logged in.

cookiesAccepted: Cookie that keeps track of cookies that the user has accepted.

__RequestVerificationToken: Cookie containing an anti-forgery token that is used to prevent CSRF attacks. This cookie ensures secure communication between the user and the web server.

__atuvc: Cookie that allows the user to share content to social media.

_ga, _gac_UA-XXXXXXX-X, _gat_UA-XXXXXXX-X, _gid: Cookies set by Google Analytics, which allow Godox to analyze user experience on the website.

.AspNet.ApplicationCookie: When logging in, the server will return a cookie that contains encrypted and signed claims about the user to the browser.

ai_session, ai_user, AI_buffer (session storage), AI_sentBuffer (session storage): Cookies set by Microsoft Application Insights, which allow Godox to monitor the health and status of the server and website.

cookiesAccepted: Cookie used to prevent our site from alerting the user to our cookie policy after the user has dismissed the message the first time.

hjDonePolls, hjIncludedInSample: Cookies set by HotJar, used for purposes such as identifying a user as part of a sample for analysis, excluding a user from a poll the user has already answered, etc.

languageNoticeAccepted: Cookie used to prevent our site from alerting the user that Godox website exists only in English (and Chinese).

scarab.mayAdd, scarab.visitor: Cookies that identify customer behavior onsite to help offer a tailored website and email experience based on past behavior and preferences.

As the user, you are responsible for deciding whether to allow or block cookies. Go to your browser settings to select which cookies to allow, block, or delete. If you block or delete cookies, important information on the Godox website may no longer be visible and certain functions may not work.

Our website use cookies to enhance your experience. By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of our own and third-party cookies as detailed in our Privacy Policy.
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