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Godox International Women's Day Photo Challenge-GodoxIWD2023



In honor of International Women's Day, we celebrate the power of all women across the world. Today is the day for all of our daughters, mothers, and sisters who inspire us every day. To celebrate International Women's Day, we are thrilled to announce our #GodoxIWD2023 Challenge. By capturing the diversity, strength, and authenticity of women through photography. This is an opportunity to showcase the outstanding talent of our community as well as shine light on the stories of different women. Whether it’s a portrait of your sister, mother, daughter, wife, friend, colleague, neighbor, or just a stranger,  submit a female portrait and win prizes. We will select 3 winners to win epic prizes and their works will be featured on our page!

Theme:Capture visual stories of everyday women


1st: Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash*1+AK-R21 Projection Attachment for Flashes*1

2nd: Godox V1 Camera Flash*1+AK-R21 Projection Attachment for Flashes*1

3rd: Godox Lux Senior Retro Camera Flash*1

How to enter: 

1)Follow @godox_global 

2)Submit a female portrait captured using at least one Godox light on Instagram with hashtag #GodoxIWD2023 and @godox_global in the caption.  

3)Tag 2 friends who love photography in the comments.

Entry period: March 8 - March 20. 

Winner announcement

Godox will select 3 winners on Instagram and announce them on March 22.

Note: The challenge is open to all, professional and amateur, regardless of gender or nationality.


Participation is open to photographers working in any field of photography, from Fashion, and fine art to photojournalism, and amateurs to professionals. Entrants under 18 years of age require the permission of a parent or guardian. By entering the challenge, entrants under 18 years of age indicate that they have obtained the permission of a parent or guardian.

Notification of Winners

Godox will send a direct message and announce the winners on our social media accounts. 

Submission Guidelines

Entries including content from (1) to (5) below may be disqualified at the Godox’s discretion:

1) Content that infringes on any laws, or is defamatory or libelous

2) Content that constitutes or encourages criminal behavior, leads to civil liability, or otherwise violates laws

3) Commercial content that promotes products or services

4) Content in which animals were harmed or manipulated in the making of said content

5) Content that infringes on the copyrights, trademarks, contract rights, or other intellectual property rights of a third person or entity (whether individuals or companies), or violates rights of privacy or publicity, including:

-trademarks owned by third parties (examples: billboards or signs on a street)

-materials protected by third-party copyrights

-names, likenesses, or other characteristics identifying celebrities or other public figures

-entries containing screen credits


1) Entrants are required to obtain the prior permission of the persons who are portrayed in their works or who hold the copyright or other intellectual property rights to the works or the items portrayed therein. Entrants also agree to fully indemnify the organizer and bear all responsibility for any complaints or objections that arise in relation to the above.

2) If there is a problem related to the similarity of the submitted work to an existing work, etc., the parties involved are responsible for the resolution of that problem. Entrants bear all responsibility for any complaints or objections that arise in relation to the above.

Entrants' Rights

Although entrants retain the copyright and other equivalent rights to their entries, the Godox retains the entry rights listed below under "Godox’s Rights".

Godox's Rights

1)Godox reserves the right to publish entries with the credit titles to its official social media to publicize the challenge. Such publication does not guarantee an award of any kind.

2) With the objective of publicizing the challenge, Godox reserves in perpetuity the non-exclusive right to publish, reproduce, make public, publicly transmit (via social media, the Internet, email newsletters, etc.), display, and screen winning entries with the credit titles on websites and official social media accounts without further compensation to or the additional prior consent of the winners. 

3) Godox will display the names of the winners and the winning entries on challenge-related websites and official social networking service accounts. 

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