Flash Projection Attachment
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The BFP Flash Projection Attachment serves as a professional and trustworthy light-shaping tool paired with Bowens-mount studio flashes. The special optical lens gives clear projection. 360° rotatable design makes modifying gobo patterns super easy. With BFP, you have the power to craft clear spots, precise shapes, and creative patterns according to your vision.

Innovative 360° Rotatable Design

The BFP boasts Godox’s innovative 360° rotatable design for effortless gobo adjustments, ensuring uninterrupted creative flow. Say goodbye to the hassle of taking the gobo holder out and adjusting the gobo angle. Simply rotate the front part of the BFP, align everything in seconds, and achieve your desired pattern.

Precise, Clear Projection

The BFP allows you to create precise patterns with crisp light edges. The meticulously crafted lens produces a sharp, clear circle of light with precise color accuracy, offering uniform brightness from the center to the edge. Experience vivid, true-to-life colors and sharp details from edge to edge.

Lens Variety for Diverse Scenarios

The BFP kit includes an 85mm lens, with three additional lenses available separately for various scenarios: 48mm, 65mm, and 150mm. The 48mm lens offers versatility in confined spaces, while the 150mm lens ensures sharpness. Different lenses to meet the needs of different shooting situations.  

Smooth, Safe Operation

Experience effortless adjustments with the BFP’s meticulously crafted lenses, ensuring not only excellent optical effects but also a seamless and safe operation. Each of the four focusable lenses comes equipped with a heat-insulating cover for safe and secure. With an ample base and multiple openings enveloping the body, the BFP exhibits exceptional heat dissipation performance. 

Efficient, Creative Shaping

The BFP features four built-in shutter blades, allowing for highly efficient creative expression. Easily adjust the leaves to carve out the patterns you want. The handles move effortlessly, enabling you to achieve ultra precise shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles and so on, depending on your creative needs.

EF-Mount Versatility

The BFP features an EF lens mount, compatible with a range of EF lenses in addition to the dedicated lens. (For optimal results and lens protection, we recommend using Godox lenses.)

Broad Light Compatibility

With its wide base and Bowens mount, the BFP accommodates the majority of Bowens Mount flashes on the market, including Godox QT series, AD600 Pro, AD1200 Pro, and so on. For lights with other mounts, optional speed rings are available for your convenience.


Tech Specs

Flash Projection Attachment(excluding Lens)220*220*232mm/8.7*8.7*9.1"≈1.3kg
48mm Lens104*104*160mm/4.1*4.1*6.3"≈1.2kg
65mm Lens80*80*72mm/3.1*3.1*2.8"≈0.5kg
85mm Lens80*80*88mm/3.1*3.1*3.5"≈0.5kg
150mm Lens80*80*129mm/3.1*3.1*5.1"≈0.7kg

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