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Master Focus and Spread

With the ability to adjust beam angle from 20 to 65 degrees, SZ300R easily focuses and spreads light for a perfect balance of brightness and shadow, saving the trouble to constantly adjust light position for a desired result. Upgrade your lighting game and unleash your creative potential with the Zoomable LED light, SZ300R.

Color Your Scene

Using color modes like CCT, HSI, RGB, and GEL, you can manipulate a vast spectrum of colors and set an eye-catching space with ease.

Color Temperature Range

The color temperature ranges from 2500K to 10000K, offering a wide spectrum of warmth and coolness options. Whether you prefer a warm ambiance or an invigorating one, it provides the versatility to achieve your desired mood. 

FX Effects

Featuring 14 FX effects, SZ300R allows you to control the speed and create a variety of scenes such as broken bulb, storm or TV. The versatility enhances your creative control and brings your vision to life.

Control with Ease

SZ300R can be controlled through 2.4G, Bluetooth, and DMX, allowing for lighting adjustment without being physically near the fixtures, offering great flexibility in lighting setup. From livestreaming and videography to creative shooting, it simplifies your workflow, allowing you to focus on your creation and achieve your desired results with ease.

Efficient Workflow with Enhanced Design

With full control over the color modes on the light body, adjusting parameters on the device becomes easier, streamlining your workflow and boosting overall efficiency.

Silent Mode

To get you a perfect recording environment, turn the silent mode on.

Firmware Upgrade Capability

The ability to upgrade the firmware of your lights makes it a hassle-free process to improve their performance and functionality, leading to an enhanced user experience.

Tech Specs
Adapter Output52⎓V5.7A
PowerMax. 330W
Brightness Range0%-100%
FX Type14
CH32 (1-32)
GR16(A-F, 0-9)
ID99 (1-99)
ModeCCT mode/HSI mode /RGBW mode /GEL mode /FX mode
Controlling Method2.4G wireless control/DMX512 control /light body control
2.4G Controlling DistanceMax. 50m
Bluetooth Controlling DistanceMax. 30m
ZoomingIllumination angle 20°~65°
U-type Bracket Adjustable Angle360°
Working Environment Temperature-10℃~40℃
Dimension (including U-type bracket)354mm*201mm*378mm
Net Weight (including U-type bracket)≈3.2kg

Product Firmware
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