TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Leica
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Godox has been committed to providing the high-quality photography accessories for different camera brands and strives to create a pleasant shooting experience. Our mission is stimulating creative ideas to the greatest extent and helping create pictures which envisioned in your mind in reality. Going in this direction, Godox has been on the road for a while. Now, we are delighted to announce the release of XProIIL, TTL wireless flash trigger for Leica. XProIIL establishes an important connection between Godox and Leica users. You would connect Godox flash through XproIIL, adjust the output of your flash, trigger the flash remotely, and finally create your professional results.

Even Exposure For Your Pictures

Both TTL and HSS are offered, which allows you to use your flash at shutter speeds up to 1/8000s. Xpro II L helps that your entire picture is evenly exposed and you will get the best shoot possible. More, real-time display of remote flash settings on an extra-large LCD screen to gain professional results, your image would get the perfect exposure.

Trigger Your Flash Remotely

Channel and ID allows you to remotely control and trigger the flash at any time. The flash can be triggered if both of flash and flash trigger are set to the same channel and ID. Separate channels and IDs can effectively avoid signal interference. If a number of flashes are used in a scene and you are searching the least intrusive channel and ID, an applicable channel was found fast by the scan feature to enhance your working efficiency

Intuitive Operation

When you place your camera, trigger, and flash far away, try to use our APP, Godox Flash, to control remotely the output of the flash. To improve your user experience, the app Godox Flash, allows you to adjust the flash value you want. The interface of Godox Flash is clear and easy to use. Download this app simply, and you will control all settings directly in the mobile interface.


When you're shooting the same object with others and sharing a set of fixed lights, just try multi-shooting mode. Under multi-shooting feature, your Xpro II L sends the flash value you set to the light, and the flash will operate according to your flash value. While enjoying the fun of photography with others, you adjust the flash to fulfill your creative ideas.

No More Struggling With Devices

Godox has established a close partnership with Sekonic. When you take a picture, after metering through the Sekonic light meter L-858 with built-in Godox 2.4G module, you are able to set directly the flash value on the light meter, L-858. With Godox's strong connection to Sekonic, you are straight to adjusting the flash value through the light meter. For this feature, you can save more time photographing your fulfilled images instead of struggling with devices.

Time Saving

With TTL flash value as reference, converting the TTL flash value to manual flash value through the TCM feature reduces time from creative concepts to professional images. Manual adjustment always stimulates your potential and helps you to get more creative inspiration.

Single Contact Triggering

When you turn on this feature, the speed of burst mode shooting can be significantly increased, the flashes are triggered in rapid succession, and the interval between each flash is shorter.

Tech Specs

camerasLeica cameras (TTL autoflash):

Leica S, SL, SL2, LEICA M10, LEICA Q2, LEICA CL (more to be updated)

Cameras that have PC sync socket.

Power supply2*AA batteries
Flash Exposure Control
TTL autoflashYes
Manual flashYes
Stroboscopic flashYes
High-speed syncYes (Set on cameras)
Second- curtain syncYes (Set on cameras)
Flash exposure compensation±3EV(exposure value), adjustable in 1/3 EV increment
Flash exposure lockYes
Focus assistYes
Modeling lamp flashControl the modeling lamp flash by flash trigger
BeeperControl the Beeper by flash trigger
Wireless Shutter

The receiver end can control the camera shooting through the 2.5mm sync cord jack

ZOOM settingAdjust the ZOOM value by the transmitter from 24 to 200
TCM functionTransform the TTL shooting value into the output value in the M mode
Firmware upgradeUpgrade through the Type-C USB port
Memory function

Settings will be stored 2 seconds after last operation and recover after a restart

DisplayLarge LCD panel, backlighting ON or OFF
Wireless Flash
Transmission range (approx.)0-100m
Built-in wireless2.4GHz
Modulation modeMSK
Wireless ID01-99
Net Weight93g
2.4G Wireless Frequency Range2413.0MHz-2464.5MHz
Bluetooth Transmission Frequency2402.00MHz -2480.00MHz
Max. Transmitting Power5dbm

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