Ashley Karakatsanis


Edgy and Impressing wedding photographer, who is obsessed with light in all forms. 

“Whether it be natural light or flash, the ability to create a photograph using impacting lighting really makes being a wedding photographer a delight. 

Lighting for me comes before location because I believe a beautiful striking image is made by using interesting and dynamic lighting.”

She has won numerous awards including:

2018 WPPI bridal party third place

2018 WPPI bride alone third place 

2018 WPPI bridal party second place

2018 WPPI wedding contemporary first place

2019 WPPI groom alone first place

2019 WPPI bride alone second place

2020 WPPI bridal party first place 

2020 WPPI Grand award wedding division 

There have been a few amazing projects she has worked on over the past few years, the launch of the Panasonic S series was one of her favorite projects, travelling all around Australia and Singapore sharing special techniques and tips on how to use the S series cameras to their full potential.

She has also travelled around the world shooting weddings. Going to places like, Greece, Italy, UK, Bali, Vietnam, and Fiji, she was able to combine passion for photography and travel.

She has worked with brands:

Capture Mag 2019

Snap Happy Tv show ( australian photography TV show , shown on 10bold) 

Panasonic Ambassador ( was part of the Australian launch for Panasonic S series cameras)

Worked with Panasonic Singapore in the launch of panasonic S series cameras.

Her true influence in photography is lighting. Learning the art of light is the most important aspect in photography, she believes so, “A lot of people know how to use a camera but not everyone knows how to see light in a unique way.”

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